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It started its journey with 50 students and 7 teachers on 01 January 2001 inaugurated by the then Chief of Army Staff Lt General Mustafizur Rahman (Bir Bikram) ndc, psc. At present the number of students is more than 1200 with 70 teachers. Along with English medium upto A' Level of Edexel syllabus we run national curriculum English version upto Intermediate. It assumes a modern concept of education with wide and multi faceted expansion and flourish of human potential qualities. The founding principal of this institution was Col Mohammad Ziauddin (retd) up to 26 January 2006 entrusting the change to Brig Gen Sohrab Ali Talukder (retd). At present Lt Col. Md. G.R. Jahangir, AEC (retd) has taken over the responsibility to steer the leadership of the reputed Baridhara Scholars' Institution. It is located at DOHS Baridhara. Its environment is quiet, tranquil and perfectly suitable and congenial to academic environment. The Governing Body, headed by commandant, COD, Dhaka Cantonment has undertaken massive projects to expand the cppi to contribute more nationally and internationally in imparting quality education and developing human resources.


cppi focuses equal importance on both the dimensions of curriculum academic and co-curricular activities. cppi has a play ground which helps the students to flourish their physical activities with sportsman spirit. The concept of teaching in cppi is not only mental development but also the development of all the faculties that the human beings are endowed with.

In   cppi every teacher is devoted to draw out the inner splendour of the students and to prove their practical utility to the real world. The teachers are well educated and experienced enough to academic teaching and moulding the character qualities of the students. They are professionally and emotionally attached to the students' proper grooming. So, the aim of cppi is to produce all round qualified and educated citizen of the nation upto intermediate level.


  1. To build up the students with moral, social and humanitarian values.
  2. To help the students to flourish their dormant strengths and potentialities.
  3. To unfold and enhance creativity and innovativeness of the students.
  4. To help the students to build up a healthy body and a sound mind.
  5. To ensure time-befitting quality education of the modern arts, science and commerce up to intermediate standard.

cppi is striving to step forward with highly motivated staff, co-operative guardians and well disciplined students towards the motto  'Quality Education for Excellence' To cppi education makes everyday a new beginning.

About cppi
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